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Our Work

MLLT is committed to protecting the watershed areas around Meddybemps Lake.

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Our Properties

We currently own land consisting of 2 lots totalling approximately 500 acres of land.
Lot A
• 3.77 miles of frontage on Meddybemps Lake
• 5.12 miles around the perimeter
Lot B
• Includes Ryan Lake which comprises 11.85 acres
• 285 feet of frontage on Meddybemps Lake

Land improvements

Our goal is to make this property accessible for public use through the development of hiking trails, picnic areas, conservation and educational training uses and all other light non-motorized use including: fishing, camping, kayaking and canoeing, hunting, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and biking.


Forest Health

We have partnered with a local forester to develop a comprehensive forestry management plan.

Wetlands Conservation

Both parcels of land that MLLT owns include areas designated as Wetlands by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition to protecting these valuable riparian zones, the MLLT land has an estimated 3.75 miles of frontage on Meddybemps Lake. This shoreline can therefore have great impact on two nationally recognized and ecologically significant habitats: Meddybemps Heath and the Dennys River (which Lake Meddybemps is the headwaters for).

Jeff Orchard (a member of the MLLT Board of Directors) is a Certified Wetland Scientist with 25 years of professional employment as an environmental consultant specializing in wetland restoration. 


Water Quality and Storm Water Management